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Video games had modest beginnings, as anyone playing Pong in a dimly-lit bar in the 1970s can tell you. From those roots, gaming has become perhaps the dominant form of artistic and cultural expression in the 21st century. 

It’s a field where technology blends seamlessly with creativity. Art competes with the demands of commerce, and where massive, world-spanning cutting-edge games can stand side-by-side with small independent creative visions. 

Unfortunately, through these changes, writing about games hasn’t seemed to progress.

That’s Where We Come In!

At Gamer Tech Lab, we believe that gaming deserves writing that matches its creativity and vitality. We don’t just share the same headlines that everyone else does. We strive to provide in-depth content you won’t find anywhere else. 

We don’t just tell you what we think: we generate discussion with our comprehensive, expert-driven content.

  • Reviews. We don’t just tell you if a video game or gaming hardware is phenomenal. We want you to know and understand the experience of playing the game and getting the best hardware for gaming. Gaming hardware & video games reviews can and should be just as mature and in-depth as the best film criticism, and that’s what we aim for.
  • Original Insight. An industry that changes as quickly and decisively as gaming and the tech needed for it requires understanding those most interested. We let you know where the field is and where it is going. From technological advances to business shakeups, we keep you up-to-date on what matters most.
  • Informed Analysis. Our writers are gamers, programmers, and industry insiders. Everything we write comes from that crucial crossing of knowledge and fandom, giving you a broader insight you’ll not find anywhere else.
  • Thoughtful Discussions. Our opinions aren’t the last word- they’re just the beginning. We want to generate engaging, fun, troll-free discussions of games and gaming, and all the hardware gamers need.

We’re passionate and excited to share everything we have with you. We love gaming the same as you, and we want to share that passion with you, and hope to create a community where you can share your thoughts. 

We love the history of games and the tech for gaming and can’t wait to see where they go next. We’re excited to bring Gamer Tech Lab of thoughtful, insightful, and knowledgeable opinions with them.


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