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Midtower Simplicity


Easy Interior Access


Meeting The Bar For Mainstream Gaming


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  • The price is suitable for all components.
  • Gives you a lot of enthusiasm when playing games like AAA games
  • It has good build quality.  
  • It works quietly.
  • Branded spare parts. 
  • It carries a two-year work guarantee.  


  • Its structure has sharp corners. 
  • It has no interior lighting.

In today’s article, we will do a thorough NZXT BLD review, as NZXT BLD is an excellent service that allows you to build a gaming PC easily. This service initially appeared in America, and the manufacturing company headquarters and the company manufactures computer cases and accessories for computer games are in Los Angeles. And now NZXT BLD is in Australia too. But before we begin our NZXT BLD review, let’s discuss how NZXT BLD will help you.

NZXT BLD Review: The Overview

  • Name: NZXT BLD.
  • Owner: NZXT.
  • Price: $899+.
  • Overall: 4.7 out of 5.0
  • Performance: 4.7 out of 5.0
  • Style: 4.6 out of 5.0
  • Quality: 4.8 out of 5.0
  • Pricing: 4.7 out of 5.0
  • Cooling & Thermals: 4.6 out of 5.0
  • Meeting The Bar For Mainstream Gaming: 4.7 out Of 5.0
  • Easy Interior Access: 4.7 out Of 5.0
  • Midtower Simplicity: 4.9 out of 5.0

What Does NZXT BLD Do For You To Build Your Own PC?

BLD’s recommendation engine provides data on the performance expected from your PC, and you can upgrade your PC with NZXT options as well as RGB lighting options. NZXT tells you if your computer is ready for virtual reality and streaming and whether your computer has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, lighting, and other features. Having TI 3060, 3070, and 3090 GPUs, NZXT helps you build a new PC most cheaply.

How To Design Your PC With NZXT BLD?

First, you have to select the games you play regularly on your computer, you can choose three games, for example. Set your resolution preferences (1080px or 1400px). And then the price is set, here you have two options. The first option is to click on the Generate Price button to see the low and higher prices.

And the second option is to click on the configure button where each component and its price are displayed. This option is excellent for those with experience building computers. NZXT BLD does this in about 48 hours, and you get your PC professionally assembled as well as a guide on how to connect the parts.

What’s NZXT BLD Starter PC Plus?

Discussing NZXT BLD starter PC plus in our NZXT BLD review is essential for a comprehensive view of NZXT. Fundamentally, It’s a computer with a sharp chassis assembled from old components previously sold from NZXT. 

However, you will find that the desktop contains many distinctive titles with high accuracy. The cost of NZXT BLD Starter PC Plus is between $899 and $999, and it is pretty high. 


  • The price is suitable for all components.
  • It gives you a lot of enthusiasm when playing games like AAA games and eSports games with 1080p or 1440p resolution.  
  • It has good build quality.  
  • It works quietly.
  • Branded spare parts. 
  • It carries a two-year work guarantee.  


  • Its structure has sharp corners. 
  • It has no interior lighting.

Is NZXT BLD Good & Worth It?

NZXT BLD is one of the best companies from which to buy a computer or its parts. Moreover, NZXT BLD offers you a decent quality of branded components, and you can choose the right parts for you based on your budget. So in our NZXT BLD review, we will tell you that it is an excellent choice and worth a try.

NZXT PC Cases 

Our NZXT BLD review will not be complete if we don’t mention their products, such as their cases. Therefore, we will mention the best NZX cases. These cases differ in terms of who desires them, as each person desires the features of one case more than another.

? NZXT H200- Mini- ITX Tower


The H200 is the first one on our list in today’s NZXT BLD review. It is a tower that houses Mini-ITX motherboards, has a solid chassis, a tempered glass front end, and a solid steel frame. The H200 supports 2x120mm or 140mm front fans, 1x120mm rear fan, and 1x120mm top fan. It costs $64,99.


  • H200 is compact in size for people who need a laptop that packs cooling and the best hardware in one build.
  • Its support for fans enables the Radiator 1 x 240 mm and Radiator 1 x 120 mm to be mounted on the rear or top racks.
  • Outstanding overall build quality. 


  • Air inlet filtration is limited to the front end only, but you will get good airflow for the system.

? NZXT H210- Mini- ITX Tower


It is an update to the H200 and retains all its features. It has an all-steel chassis with a full glass panel and two NZXT AER 120mm fans. It costs $64,99.


  • Its sleek design is 100g lighter than the H200. 
  • It has a Gen 2 USB C port for faster charging and file transfer. 


  • NZXT H210 was developed from the NZXT H200 to override the cons of NZXT H200. So this could be a great design by all accounts.

? Compact ITX: NZXT H210i


A small, sturdy, good-looking computer case comes with a V2 smart device to manage all RGB lighting, and the front panel is tempered glass. The H210i is the same as the H510i, but smaller, with a case size of (210mm x 372mm x 349mm). It has a black metal chassis that contains two fans (140mm x 120mm).


  • It is quiet. 
  • Cool design.
  • Good airflow.
  • Cable management.


  • The price is $120.
  • The size is small and only takes Mini- ITX motherboards.

? NZXT H500


NZXT H500 is designed with two front panels and two 200mm fans, managed from the motherboard or an embedded control panel.  


  • The fans in H500 give good airflow. 
  • Filtered ventilation on the top panel provides thermal support. 
  • The H500 costs not too much, $84.99. 


  • The H500 needs some improvement, so the H510 and H510i were built.

? NZXT H510- ATX Mid Tower


It is a mid-tower solid-state, supporting Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, standard motherboards, and cooling options. It costs $59.99.  


  • The H510 supports 2 x 120mm or 140mm fans in the front and 1 x 120mm or 140mm fans in the top and rear mounts. 
  • The H510 is equipped with an integrated tank holder for water cooling rings.
  • The H510 has a smart device holder on the back of the motherboard tray, which is useful if a controller is purchased later.  


  • The H510 is an update to the H500, so it retains the same features as the H500, with improvements made to overcome the downsides of the H500.

? NZXT H510i ATX Mid Tower


The NZXT H510i case is stylishly designed in a medium size and made of high-quality materials with a plethora of critical features such as RGB lighting needs, a tempered glass front panel, as well as a motherboard and case fans, and a power supply unit. 


  • It has a great stylish design. 
  • Good airflow for components that need power.
  • The H510i includes two 120mm RGB Aer fans. 


  • You may feel a vibration at the top of the fan. 
  • There is no GPU booster, so you have to buy it.  
  • The cost is relatively high ($170).

? NZXT H510 Elite- ATX Mid Tower


NZXT H510 Elite is a variant of the H510, which has a steel body and a tempered glass front panel. Also, the Smart Device V2 has a processor. 


  • The H510 Elite’s build is the same as the H510i, so it’s challenging to build your own PC quickly and easily. 
  • The toughened glass in the front façade gives a beautiful glossy look.  


  • The price of the H510 Elite is $114.99. 
  • The tempered glass in the front end may affect the cooling performance of the case.

? NZXT H700


The H700 features a sleek, all-steel body, plenty of cooling and storage options, and supports three built-in Aer F fans.


  • The H700 is of excellent quality.
  • TheH700 has four color combinations.  
  • The H700 is a great cable management system.


  • It’s expensive, $129.99.
  • To improve H700, H710 and H710i were created.

? NZXT H710- ATX Mid Tower


A solid-chassis mid-tower supports Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and EATX-ATX motherboard formats and cooling mounting options. The NZXT H710 is an update to the NZXT H700, so it has the same features with some improvements, and the tempered glass side panel is fixed by one screw as the H210. The case supports a 1 x 140mm fan for the rear or 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fan for the front and top fans.


  • The radiator and fan mounts are removable.
  • The case includes an integrated tank for water cooling rings such as the H510. 
  • Cable management is simple through the cable routing kit, which makes it easy for users to use. 


  • H710 costs $119.99, and it’s a high price.

? NZXT H710i-ATX Mid Tower


It is a replacement for NZXT H710. It contains the Smart Device V2, a fast processor to control the NZXT CAM, and the three-channel PWM fan.  


  • The H710i accommodates a large number of fans and hard drives. Cables can be cleaned and routed.  
  • The H710i has a great design, and as such, is a great choice for power users.  
  • The H710i has a built-in RGB lighting array.  


  • The H710i has a high cost of $129.99.

? Unique package: NZXT H1


The NZXT H1 is worth mentioning in our NZXT VLD review with its uniqueness. It measures (187mm x 388mm x 188mm). It is very cool and available in a few colors and uses perforated airflow grilles and a tinted glass front panel. 

The NZXT H1 has an exposed top panel that houses only the power button, USB ports, and a combo headphone jack, plenty of holes in the metal frame on one side for the A10’s 140mm fan to draw air in, and the GPU on the other.  

In terms of construction, the NZXT H1 is simple, and the GPU is attached to the motherboard using a pre-installed jumper cable. When running the NZXT H1, you may hear some noise, but the fan is quiet. The NZXT H1 is as high as $350, but it’s average for the impressive A10 cooler and reliable 650W PSU. 


  • The NZXT H1 has a great design.
  • Good airflow. 
  • Easy to build in. 
  • Fits GPUs. 


  • The back panel must be removed to disable the PSU.
  • The cables are in the back. 
  • It cannot be used horizontally.

NZXT BLD Review – Final Thoughts

NZXT cases are beautifully designed and elegant, and each has its own merits and great designs. If you seek something that is easy to carry, you will most likely turn to the Mini-ITX due to its compact design, such as H210 and H210i. But if you want a higher design in terms of CPU and motherboard, then we think the NZXT H510 is the right choice for you. So choosing one of the NZXT cases depends on your specific needs.

? Disclaimer:

Please note, this review has been researched with information and/or testimonials that are available online in the public domain as well as my personal experience and research. Any recommendations and/or conclusions are strictly opinions and may not apply to, or agree with, all persons or situations. See the full disclaimer for more info.

? This page includes affiliate links. Please be aware we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. Please see our Affiliate Disclosure for further information.


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